Anti cellulite oil

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Anti cellulite oil

Anti cellulite oil


Tonic for circulatory system, potent in inhibiting the accumulation of fatty cells.

Ingredients: Bio oils of rosemary and coconut, turmeric, essential oils of cypress, cedar, grapefruit, ginger.


Massage over the affected areas. Combine it with a scrub mask: ½ filter coffee, ¼ brown sugar, ¼ cinnamon, 1/4 olive oil: Mix the ingredients and massage the area. It would also be good to drink half lemon juice with cayenne pepper every day and if you do not have low pressure up to 3 times a day. And of course take care of your diet-don’t forget to drink lots of water!Apply a small quantity in your wrist firstly, to test any skin allergies. Avoid its use under the sun.


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