Facial creams anti aging and hydrating_main

Face care

Facial creams anti aging and hydrating_main

1. Apricot cream
2. Avocado cream
3. Helichrysum cream
4. Grapeseed cream
5. Lavender with macadamia cream
6. Wheat germ oil cream
7. Wild rose cream
8. Freckles removal cream
9. Evening primrose cream
10. Cherry cream
11. Sun screen creams
12. Plum cream
13. Baobab cream

Face creams

With strong anti-aging effect, hydrating and soothing properties, olea naturale face creams help in regenerating, nurturing, toning, detoxing and moisturizing the skin, while leaving it soft and smooth. All material (oils, hydrosols, infusions, emulsifies, essential oils etc) used is organic, of finest quality. Plenty of them are cultivated by olea naturale in its herb garden in Crete, following mild processing. We use synthetic conservatives by no means, as we keep the freshness and pureness of our creams in excellent standards. Therefore we apply the natural conservative of grapefruit extract only, so as to enhance the cream additionally, with the beneficial properties of the fruit.

The creams are hand made in small quantities and they have with a 24 hour effect. Use a small quantity only. Due to their natural conservative, they have a short life term of up to two months. Best preserved in refrigerator, to extend its life. Apply a small quantity to your wrists, to test any skin allergies.

For orders, email at sales[at]

Prices: €25/40 ml or €18/40 ml if you respond to our bimonthly newsletter by ordering it as one of the suggested products of the month.

14. Inca inchi cream
Olea Naturale

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