Flower essences


Flower essences

Flower essences


Flower essences are quite effective remedies for the symptoms of temperament, such as mental tiredness, fears, guilts coming from the family, lack of setting goals and fulfilling them, jealousy, intensive and constant thoughts, impatience, lack of self-confidence etc. Olea naturale is inspired by Dr Bach flower remedies and uses the bach remedy system, producing some of the flower remedies from plants around Greece especially in the Cretan mountains.

Ingredients: Spring water and flowers (olive, rock rose, pine, wild oat, holly, white chestnut, impatience, larch etc., cretan homemade raki or brandy. In each bottle, we can use up to 7 flower remedies.


4 drops under the tongue at least four times per day.


€12/30 ml or €10/30 ml, if you respond to our bimonthly newsletter by ordering it as one of the suggested products of the month. For orders, email at sales[at]

Olea Naturale

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