Mosquisto (anti repellent)

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Mosquisto (anti repellent)



A very effective cologne, protecting against mosquitoes with tripple action as it repells mosquitoes, soothes, relieves the skin from itching. leaving the skin fresh and well perfumed! 

Ingredients: Essential oils of lavender, geranium, mint, thyme, eucaluptus, rosemary, lemongrass in a tincture of lemon balm, basil, mabel grey, mint and lavender.


Apply to your skin, behind the ears, on your wrists and around your ankles well. Repeat. For external use only. Apply a small quantity in your wrist firstly, to test any skin allergies.


€18/50 ml or €12/50 ml,  if you respond to our bimonthly newsletter by ordering it as one of the suggested products of the month. For orders, email at sales[at]

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